A Keenspot web comic by David "Walky" Willis, centering on the exploits of an X-Com-style anti-alien strike force called S.E.M.M.E., who battle a force of diminuitive aliens similar to X-Com's Ethereals. These aliens are, for reasons unknown, fond of kidnapping humans and subjecting them to viewings of The Sound of Music; they are led by a diabolical mastermind known only as the Head Alien.

It's Walky has gone through a series of changes over the years; at first, it alternated seasons with "Roomies", a series about the slightly unusual college life of a pair of students and their various girlfriends. The two strips shared and exchanged characters over their run, and ran the gamut of zany humor to serious angst (most notably, when one character's drunk driving leads to unexpected consequences). However, Roomies ended last year when the characters graduated from college, and now It's Walky is the sole strip on the site.

It's Walky contains many pop-cultural references, not the least of which are to Transformers, since Willis is a big TransFan. It has crossed over briefly with another Keenspot comic, The Funny Farm, and at length with the comic Melonpool. It usually appears seven days a week, in black and white single strips except for a full-color, full-page Sunday issue.

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