Clan of the Cats (abbreviated CotC) is an online comic strip that seems to oscillate between gags and being a serial adventure strip. Its main character is one Chelsea Chattan, who has returned to North Carolina from New York City after having some strange experiences and losing her jobs, right as her half-sister is getting married. In North Carolina the rest of Chelsea's family lives, composed of her mother Diane; her stepfather Ben; her grandmother Ruth; her half-sister Cynthia and her husband Paul; her friend/brother-in-law Jubal; and Ruth's familiar, Sebastian.

Chelsea, you see, is a shapeshifter afflicted with a family curse; in her case, she turns into a black panther, chiefly during periods of stress. The curse is apparently hereditary on her father's side, though Ruth does not seem to manifest it, and involves turning into some sort of feline, though the specifics vary. Also because of this lineage, Chelsea is talented magically, though she didn't really pursue it before returning.

Obviously, the world the strip is set in is modern fantasy; powerful spells are the order of the day with mages, shapeshifters and vampires powerful but hidden forces. The strip has a pagan tone to it, though the artist is not pagan, and the site does include pointers to more factual resources such as The Witches' Voice. The strip has done two crossovers with other online comic strips, to mixed results.

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