b. 1954
SF&F author who has been nominated for Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy and Philip K. Dick awards. Her novel War for the Oaks received Locus magazine's Best First Novel award. All of her books have received high critical acclaim.

While most of Bull's stories can be considered fantasy, none of them are classic high fantasy. War for the Oaks is urban fantasy while Bone Dance and Finder are a cross between the cyberpunk of George Alec Effinger and the urban fantasy of Charles de Lint.

Freedom and Necessity, which she co-authored with fellow Scribblie Steven Brust, is difficult to classify. Perhaps 'Victorian urban fantasy' fits best. Falcon falls under science fiction.

Music figures prominently in her work and it's no surprise that she played in the psychedlic-folk-rock band Cats Laughing and currently performs as one of the Flash Girls.

She is married to SF&F author Will Shetterly and the couple lives in Bisbee, Arizona.

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