Megan Lindholm (1952- ) is one of two pseudonyms used by US fantasy author Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden. Her other pseudonym is Robin Hobb.
Lindholm started writing as a journalist for several newspapers in Alaska. At the same time she also submitted short stories, children's fiction and poetry to magazine]s. Her first professional sale was the short story "Bones for Dulath" in the Daw anthology "Amazons!" (winner of a World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology).
Megan Lindholm wrote works in various sub-genres of fantasy:

-"The Windsingers trilogy" (comprised of "Harpy's Flight" (1983), "The Windsingers" (1984) and "The Limbreth Gate" (1984). This is a conventional fantasy trilogy.
-"Wizard of the Pigeons" (1986). An urban fantasy novel about a Vietnam veteran named Wizard, living on the streets of Seattle.
-"The Reindeer People" (1988) and "Wolf's Brother" (1988). Prehistoric fantasy in the vein of Jean M. Auel.
-"Luck of the Wheels" (1989) features the same characters as "The Windsingers Trilogy".
-"Cloven Hooves" (1991)
-"The Gypsy" (1992). Another urban fantasy, written with fellow fantasy author Steven Brust.
-"Alien Earth" (1992). This is Lindholm's only novel-length science fiction work.

As of 1995, Lindholm has been writing successfully under the pseudonym Robin Hobb.

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