KPNT, The Point, is a radio station from St. Louis, Mo on 105.7 FM. They play mostly just modern popular music. Or as they like to say, New Rock Alternative.

It is probably the most popular station in town. They aren't bad, except they repeat the most popular songs way to much. They need more variety. One other problem is that many of their DJ's seem awfully stuck-up.

update: I've heard mention of this station being one of the more influencial rock stations in the nation. WTF?

KPNT, or 105.7 The Point started out as a great radio station. I remember listening to them back in their first month (that was about 10 years ago). They had great DJ's, and played great music, like REM, The Cure, and Depeche Mode. They didn't play metal, and more importantly they didn't play rap.

Fast forward to 2002. The station has been bought and sold, only a handful of the original staff members remain (their best DJ, Les Aaron moved over to the local 80's station). Now do you know what they play? Limp Bizkit!. Thats right, Limp Bizkit 24 hours a day. Now some of the bands they are playing may not becalled Limp Bizkit, but damn if I can tell the difference. Whenever I tune my radio into 105.7, I can be assured of hearing rap-metal (a fusion of the two genres that the original DJs would never play).

Thankfully, the local 80's station (The Mall), plays almost exactly what KPNT used to play when they first came on the scene.

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