The Java Media Framework or (JFM) is an add on for Java 2 put out by Sun. It provides an application programming interface or API. It gives this in the form of several packages which can be “imported” into a Java program. For example there is a package. The API provides classes, interfaces, and methods for incorporating multimedia into Java programs. The new methods and classes extends far beyond the basic java.sound package that comes standard. JFM even has support for MP3 decoding. An example use for JFM would be to write a platform independent media player.

A list of the supported media types:
AIFF (.aiff)
AVI (.avi)
Flash (.swf, .spl)
GSM (.gsm)
HotMedia (.mvr)
MIDI (.mid)
MPEG-1 Video (.mpg)
MPEG Layer II Audio (.mp2)
MPEG Layer III Audio (.mp3)
QuickTime (.mov)
Sun Audio (.au)
Wave (.wav)

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