I sit beneath an oak tree,
Smell a flower and wait.
A man in black walks by me,
And enters my white fence gate.

He walks up the stairs and knocks,
Then he rings the bell.
The door is opened, he says to my aunt,
He has horrible things to tell.

Minutes later he leaves my house,
My aunt with tears in her eyes.
She only looks like that, I know,
When someone she loved dies.

I set my face down in the grass,
And wonder who happened to die,
I look up at the porch and moan,
Could it be uncle Guy?

It couldn't be, I know.
He said he was well. I smirk.
My eyes grow wide, my face goes pale,
I just know its Grandpa Dirk!

My aunt walks over, her eyes puffy red,
She sits down by my side.
She takes my hand, and holds my face,
"Your parents……have died."

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