Perhaps this is a new (well, new for me, at least) way to generate new ideas, or approaches to writing about something one has been toiling at to the point of frustration.

This was "accomplished" using the word messer-upper, in this particular case, applied to an already existing summary of the material that has been stagnating for all too long.


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Caution: Somewhat of a rant to follow.

Outside the streets on fire in a real death waltz
Between what’s flesh and what’s fantasy,

We’re winning the war on terror you know? Who cares that over one hundred and thirty people including eleven Americans died yesterday at the hands of suicide bombers in the quagmire that has become Iraq? Headlines only last for one day.

Babies. Fuckin’ babies are being blown up almost every day but as long as it doesn’t happen on our soil we can pat ourselves on the back for a job well done.

Mission Accomplished!

Jessica Simpson and Nick Whoeverthefuckheis are free to get divorced without having to worry about terrorists raining dirty bombs down on the courthouse.

Unless of course they decide to hide from the public and conduct their little operation in New Orleans. Most of that town is still underwater and uninhabitable almost half a year after Hurricane Katrina decided to pay a little visit. Thanks FEMA!

And ‘”Brownie, you’re doin’ one helluva job.”

And the poets down here don’t write nuthin’ at all
They just stand back and let it all be

You probably all know at least a little bit about the whole government wiretapping and eavesdropping on American citizens without a warrant or probable cause. A lot of people have their panties in a bunch about their civil liberties being violated and a lot of other people have those same panties wadded up saying that if you didn’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. I’m probably on the side of those who are questioning the government's motives on the whole deal but if you really want to know what galls me about this whole episode is that fact that that bastion of truth, those so-called liberal bastards at the New York Times sat on the story for over a year. Apparently, the only reason they published at all was because the guy who broke it was getting ready to come out with a book about the whole fiasco.

So much for “All the news that’s fit to print.”

I wonder what might have happened if the story broke just before or during the 2004 Presidential campaign?

And in the quick of the night they reach for their moment
And try and take an honest stand
But they wind up wounded
and not even dead

Now that uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff is copping a deal and spilling his guts about his little scheme you have politicians from both sides of the fence cleansing their coffers of any money they might have taken from him in the form of campaign contributions. In an effort to clear their good names, they’re either donating it to charity or returning it directly to the source.

After all, this is an election year and nobody but nobody wants to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Excerpts from Bruce Springteen’s tune Jungleland released on the Born to Run album some thirty years ago.

I'm not trying to incite rebellion, and being that I'm outside of the US and am using certain words, this could be construed as a conspiracy to incite rebellion, as well as going against the vows I made when I entered service. That said:

I think Americans have got to start making more noise about our combined problem. Do I think that rights have been infringed upon and the constitution torn, yes. And more than any man's death I find that to be unnacceptable, as that is what I truly feel soldiers should protect. I don't protect the president, I want to protect America's people, and indeed their rights, and their rights are my rights, as well as my family. The 2nd Amendment was created so people had the means to defend themselves.

What can be done about the situation? Well it's starts with an intelligent voice. This can't be a rhetoric thing, intelligent arguments and solutions MUST be brought to the table, and if that doesn't work, then who knows.. I always remember that the military is of and for the people and I don't think it could stand by as it's citizen's rights are taken. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow.


It's been forever, it seems, since I've written a daylog. Some people would say that that is no reason to post one, but I would beg to differ. Daylogs are where I get to be me without facts, and that's something worth doing. People make everything2 happen, and I want to share who and what I am.

Not that E2 doesn't need factual, semi-encyclopaedic content, of course. It's very important that a signifigant portion of the database is usable for reference. It's also very important that fiction and poetry are entered in as well. Everything2 needs to be, well, everything. However, there seems to be a certain stigma against daylogs, and fiction/poetry to a lesser extent. Vote Dumping grounds, places for people to mindlessly upvote or downvote, not really caring, or worse, downvoting on principle, not on quality.

I was accosted some weeks ago when I posted April 17, 2007 with "don't display in new writeups" unchecked.(Apology Accepted, and it's all good.) It was the title of the story, and it belongs under that title as much as the eventual daylogs placed in that slot. The daylog is a special kind of node, yes. But that doesn't mean that content other than a daylog can't be placed in it, with the expectance of not being treated with a daylog. If my writeup had to do with a historical event or a major breakthrough in science or whathaveyou, I probably wouldn't have had anyone say anything. But it was fiction, another portion of E2 that's "fringe" as far as people caring for/about it.

People state that they solemnly swear that 90% of their writeups will be factual. I find this to be a silly goal, now. Make as many factual writeups as you can, I won't say otherwise. Facts are great, but they are more like the skeleton of E2. The fiction, the poetry, the rants, the opinions, and the precious daylogs are the skin and muscle, that which gives movement and ability to it. We don't wanna be wikipedia, do we? Wikipedia is a bunch of bones. We're more.

I solemnly swear that 90% of my writeups will make E2 a better place.

"Do you remember what I said last night?"

Traffic is light this morning. It's normally light if I leave on least I think so. It has been a while since I left on time.

My eyes feel as if my brain wants them back, wants to suck them out of my eye sockets and into my head. Sleep deprivation is part and parcel to relationships, it seems. What had she said?

It's difficult to remember. Not because I wasn't listening but because I remember so little anymore.

"You said I need to be different, that you need more from our relationship."

"You don't remember what I said, then."

Where do the words go, the ones I hear but she didn't say? More importantly, where do they come from?

"No, I don't remember."

"I said you aren't who you used to be. You're just not connected with your true self, the part that used to make you who you were. I always go back to who you were when I met you, because you seemed happy and full of life. You're just dead now. You just won't be deep, no matter how many times I ask you."

She continues. I agree. Doesn't she think I know this? I'm the one who endures this pain every day. It's not easy. Being persistently blind would be far easier than relentless shifting between sight and non-sight. I am not ignorant of my situation. There are days I find myself in infinite clarity. I can be a happy person. Then there are the days that are just dull, trudging through a world of fog.*

Sometimes I am terrified that I am becoming just like my father. So, this is what it feels like. Constantly sad, deathly pessimistic really. I don't have to be like this, though, do I? Optimism is my true nature.

Every weakness is really only evidence of an unexpressed strength

This just really pisses me off, my situation. No one really knows how angry I am. I would like to be free. My resolve is to live in my true essence, but how?

"You know when you are being yourself if there is no cage around you...nothing holding you in."

She's right.

* Note: here I am using a metaphor
Think and Grow Rich, only if you want to. I must say that this book has opened up more of my mind than any other book. The ideas presented here are simple and easy to understand. While this book may seem outdated, it gives a glimpse of how industrial America operated and what thoughts led many people who own successful businesses to succeed. Fifty years of accumulated knowledge can be applied by the ordinary man/woman in North America - and this knowledge is available!

Reading a short excerpt from the book written by Napolean Hill, pages 114 to 117, clearly the middle of the book, explains in detail why the capitalist system exists and explains simply, how to use it.

"The capitalist system denies no one the right to make money, but it does not and cannot promise something for nothing."

So why do some people blast it, thinking capitalism is either wrong or dishonest? Those who do not understand new concepts tend to hate it. They are actually despising their own ignorance, digging themselves deeper into a hole that they've created. The understanding of money and how it works is as essential as keeping your health. With all the freedoms that we still have, most of us squander the opportunities by not using the correct principles to guide you through the capitalist system. There's a reason why financial scandals occur and are brought to our attention. It corrects the world and flushes those who are dishonest. While also negative in certain respects, it also teaches us the human values required for success. Unfortunately, most of the media does not teach it and actually adds very little value. What we protect ourselves from doesn't work nearly as well as directing ourselves to where we want to go. Protecting used to serve us, but no longer, and most people don't realize this. A reason most people stay where they are - because of fear.

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