Now Jamestown is an Economically depressed area, I don't think that anyone will argue with that fact. However, the mayor has a plan to bring business back into the downtown area (if you have ever been to Jamestown, you understand why the downtown area needs business). This plan involves building one of the largest ice staking rinks in the northeast. The onlyproblem that I see with this, other then it is a stupid idea, is that the buildings that businesses might move into are in rough shape. When I say rough, I mean that if you were to buy a building in the downtown area, you would need over 30k just to bring it up to code. So, why doesn't the mayor put all this money toward something useful, like bringing the buildings up to code, and not toward building an ice rink?

I hail from Jamestown, NY. We schooled a Backstreet Boy (one of the blond ones, I don't know his name) and that Natalie Merchant chick from 10,000 Maniacs. Yet the town's pride and joy seems to be the fact that Lucille Ball (I love Lucy)grew up here.

There are two different music scenes here: a rock/punk scene that plays the bars and an underground rap scene that gets around by word of mouth. I'm not talking Limp Bizkit rock bulldada, there are a number of bands that play 80s-style Metallica and classic rock around here. Recently, RATT played a sold-out show at a local club. So anyways, that's the local music scene.

There's not much to do in Jamestown itself, but if you want to go shopping, there's quite a few decent stores west of town in Lakewood, which sits on Chautauqua Lake (Chautauqua is supposedly some Native American dialect for "shitwater") and hosts the Chautauqua Mall and more upscale residents than Jamestown.

Jamestown is a safe place to live. The closest things we have to a ghetto are "the numbered streets", which is the area north of 6th street, between Main and Washington streets, and 2nd Street, where the "ghetto" extends from Foote Ave. to Buffalo St, and a block towards the Chadakoin River, as well. But even in these areas, it's pretty much safe to walk the street at night.

The drugs of choice in Jamestown seem to be marijuana and acid, although acid is much rarer (it's a delicacy for those who use it). Weed prices are low because a lot of the shipments between Buffalo and Pittsburgh, as well as between New York City and Cleveland, pass through Jamestown.

Looking for fun in Jamestown? Good luck. There's a couple of bars and meat markets if you're old enough, and into that sort of thing. The Rusty Nail has a teen night on Wednesdays, which means you have to be at least 18 to get in, but other than that, there's not much else to do except shop in Lakewood and see movies. The Wine Cellar has a 50c draft night on Tuesdays, that's where you'll usually find me. Mad Murdock's usually has a band playing on Saturdays, and 75c draft night on Thursdays. Shawbuck's is the biggest meat market we have, AFAIK. In town there's a strip club called Monday's that I hear is fairly popular, south of town in Busti there's another strip club called Yvonne's Treats. To get there just take Forest St. until you get to Busti, then turn right and keep going until you see it.

Most people who get educated in Jamestown move elsewhere to find jobs because Jamestown is just too boring to them. There's an ice arena being built square in the middle of town, and they knocked down the two most popular clubs and diners to build it. Thats wasn't too bright, as Jamestowners barely use the ice arena we have. If you're looking for culture, we do have the Fenton Historical Society, but for everything else, you have to head out of town. About half-an-hour north is the Chautauqua Institution, which is rich in culture and history. Also in that general area is Lilydale, a world mecca for spiritualists. Southeast of Jamestown is the Audobon Wildlife Preserve, where you can wander on nature trails and see local wildlife.

Jamestown's desperately trying to attract business, but the only drawing points are tax credits, and the fact that it's centrally located between Erie, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. There is an airport (JHW), but it only has two gates, and two runways.

Jamestown is a hole, but at least the denizens are friendly.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is the lake so ugly?
From what I hear, there's been quite a bit of dumping in the lake. Also see the above comment about the meaning of "Chautauqua".

How do I get back on 86?
If you want to get back on 86, ask a local for directions to 17.

What are the favorite midget dyke hangouts? (Seriously, I've been asked this.)
Um.. not sure. Your best bet is probably the bar "Sneakers". If there aren't any actual midget dykes there, the regulars can probably tell you where to find them.

Other information:
Latitude/Longitude: 42 05 49 N/079 14 08W (source: United States Geological Survey)
Estimated Population (1990): 45,344 (source: US Census)
Estimated Population (1994): 34,388 (source: United States Geological Survey)
Estimated Population (now): 43,870 (source: Microsoft Home Advisor)
Airports: JHW
Jamestown, NY – Jamestown (14701)

From Microsoft's Home Advisor:
Median Income: $17,077
People per household (avg.) 2.35
Neighborhood Type Suburban
Median age 36.2
50.97% Female!

(more information at: )

Okay, I'm stuck here in Jamestown, NY (the ass-end of the universe), and I need to set some of those stats straight:

Median income: This is comprised of Dr. Sinatra (the richest man in town) and all the people on welfare and Social Security. As you can see, the balance is on the low end of the income scale.

Neighborhood type should read DECAYING suburban.

Median age: 36.2? Bullshit! Try 56.2.

50.97% female, but 97.5% of those are dogs, and the rest are taken!

(And, seriously, Chautauqua means "bag tied in the middle", apparently it was what the local natives said when the French explorers showed them a map of the lake.)

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