I have not moved about much in my life. I was born and raised in one house, with one year spent abroad. Halifax, Canada during the second grade. There was a creek behind the school, I watched the canadian kids cut the salamanders tails off. The tails continued to squirm after being detached. Back to the States, they wouldnt let dad get a job. I like my town, it is small and quiet. It contains a state university and a large HP complex.

Lived in the same valley all my life, with a lot of moves when I was little. Settled when I was eight and lived for 10 years in Weiser, Idaho. Population 4,751. It's got a colorful history; I know a lot, and I wish I knew more. I like pointing out the grainery that used to be a bordello, the theater built in 1917 to accomodate stage and screen presentations both, and the labor camp to the few-proud-brave who trouble to visit me there.
There's nothing to love here if you lack imagination, and most people do. Favored local pastimes include getting wasted and/or religious fanatacism. I wasn't much interested in either one, so I spent a lot of time reading (there's a woefully underfunded, but friendly library and plenty of good sources for used books), walking along the railroad tracks, and riding my bike.
This is the poorest county in the state. Your prospects after you graduate are not usually grand. Many do a bit of college (rarely venturing out-of-state, or very far at all). More work (food processing, grocery store, food service, and naturally farming).

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