I think we have Ronald Reagan (Mister Deregulation) to thank for the explosion of this innovative form of programming - a half-hour program designed to look like a TV show, but it's actually a commercial. A commercial for a product you don't need, a product that only fools would buy. It's even worse when the product is one of those "get rich RSN" deals - the disclaimers keep the producer on the air and out of jail; what does that tell you about the product?

There are quite a few nodes on E2 involving the infomercial and its related products and services. The infomercial is an innovative form of television programming designed to look, act and feel like a television show, while in actuality it's a half hour- or hour-long show attempting to sell the consumer a particular product (like Nads), or a service, like a psychic reading or dating service. Whether or not the product is a sham is a non-issue for the purposes of this writeup. Some are, some aren't. For example, I've used Ron Popeil's Showtime Rotisserie and Grill, and it does make a delicious roast, believe it or not. There is a warning that your television station will put forth, saying that the infomercial is a paid advertisement, not an actual program. As stated in the above nodes, it does indeed prevent the television station from being sued for any wrongdoing when the product is a crock.

For additional information on infomercials, and to gain an appreciation (even if it is a dank, and rather murky appreciation), please take a look at http://infomercialindex.com

With the idea of having "metanode" in the title heading far out of vogue, I'd like to offer the following nodes related to infomercial, and the sort of mentality and scheme involved with them. Any additions, suggestions, corrections? Feel free to /msg me.

Products or Services

The Enforma System
Ingenio Fat Free Cookware
Potty Putter


Billy Blanks
Miss Cleo
Don Lapre
Billy Mays
Ron Popeil


as seen on TV
Just what are we paying for with the 'handling' charge?
Ron Popeil is the Anti-Christ
Iodine in infomercials
Call now, operators are standing by.
Amazing New Product

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