It seems crass and immature to point out that 'nads' is English and US slang for testicles, but that has never stopped me before. For some reason, a hair removal product named after the scrotum strikes me as the worst kind of stupidity. And I'm not alone! The Fucking Stupid Awards has this to say:

"When the young lady proclaims, "I put Nads on my face!" it's just over.  There is nowhere to go from there.  Just turn off the TV and curl up into the fetal position until the bruising convulsions of laughter stop a couple hours later."

As marketing blunders go, this is a biggie. Apparently the inventor of NADS, the hair removal wonder, named it after her daughter, Nadine, who I'm sure is less than happy, and who may well be haunted by this for the rest of her life, especially if she ever makes a trip across the water to England or Ireland where the word is very commonly used. Nads is derived, naturally, from gonads, and has spawned a number of more mainstream phrases, such as "That music really pumps my nads, man!" - translated as, "I like this music a lot!" Alternative spellings or words include 'nadds' and 'nadgers'.

Even more unfortunately, NADS is also the commonly used acronym for the National Association for Downs Syndrome.

NADS website:
National Association for Downs Syndrome: The Fucking Stupid Awards:

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