Have you ever watched those infomercials for the latest really spiffy cool carpet cleaner? The ones where they show you how the substance gets out really tough stains? I've seen a bunch and they always look so cool. But I always wondered about one thing. They almost always have one shot where they take some fabric and totally ruin the thing and then use the miracle product to clean it again. Typically they have crayons, ink, paint, coffee, chocolate, wine, mustard, etc.

But they always have all this iodine too! And not just some spot of the stuff. I mean, they get a squeeze bottle full and then they just drench that carpet sample like an incontinent periodic table that's had too much to drink.

What I want to know is: Where do they get this stuff? I understand pet stains and cola, but...is it just me, or is Big Bottle O' Iodine consistently left out of the shopping list? Is my family weird for not having a household supply of the stuff? I just don't understand why they think spilling a lot of iodine on a fabric square is a relevant demonstration of the power of their cleaner...Maybe someone could explain it to me some time. And then buy me a tub of the stuff so I can test out my new bucket of Oxi Clean (double size cause I called in the next twenty minutes! Score!)

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