Oh yes, you know the type. The ones who get on your nerves simply because they don't give a second thought to those around them.

In the car:

  • Idiots yapping on cell phones - These people seem to think a cellular phone is a necessity - except 10 years ago, work got done just fine without them. It's an extended convenience. That's all. Plus, the fact that they're trying to talk and drive makes them a danger to everyone else in the vicinity.
  • Miss Pretty - You've seen her. She has her visor down, mirror open, and is trying to apply mascara while buzzing down the interstate at 75 MPH. Late for work? That's your own fault. Makeup isn't important enough that A) you couldn't do it in the morning, or B) it can't wait until you get to where you're going.
  • Drivers who "own" the road - Turn signals were created for a reason. I've also noticed in Atlanta, people will make a U-Turn wherever they damn well please. Then there are those drivers that cut in front of you with a two-foot clearence, and then give you a pissed-off look because you are expected to get out of their way.

    At the office:

  • Mister Litter box - I can totally understand someone taking a newspaper into the bathroom stall, but when they leave it sprawled out all over the stall like the bottom of a bird cage, everyone else has to stumble through it.
  • Toilet Sharpshooters - Being greeted by a toilet seat covered in urine is not something I enjoy. (Even though I don't go poo in a public place. Ever.) Plus, the fact that it looks like the previous occupant was dancing while urinating (or impersonating a sprinkler system) means I have to walk through it on the way out. Thanks so much.

    On the Internet:

  • AOL USERS - Sure, we all start somewhere, (I didn't start on AOL, and I've used it once or twice. Thank God.), but the people who start on AOL never seem to graduate. E-Mail messages are commonly written in all caps. These users want to remain clueless. If someone tries to educate them, they shut them out.
  • Spammers - The vile scum of the Earth. These (I hesitate to call them) "people" seem to think that I so desperately want their advertising, that they must bounce through 700 seperate mail relays so I can get their message, essentially ruining any chance I have of blocking it out. Not getting spam is simply not an option. It's only a matter of "how much" you get.

    On the telephone:

  • Telemarketers - Ranked right down there with spammers, they're merely using the telephone as their medium rather than E-Mail. I especially enjoy when gutter services call about cleaning my gutters, considering I live in an apartment. "Don't call me" doesn't work anymore, because lawmakers can care less about telemarketers and spammers.
  • Call waiting relay racers - They call you (or you call them), talk to you for a little bit, then say "Hold on, I've got a beep." You're left there listening to dead air while they talk to the other person, sometimes for several minutes. Then when they finally get back to you, they get another beep and repeat the process until you hang up.

    There are more types out there, but I'm nearly dead to the world. Feel free to append.

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