Semi famous Philippine journalist who is quite accomplished in the field of political journalism. Has worked for the national TV network, Malacanang Palace (.ph version of the White House, it is white too), and women's interest radio and TV shows.

While adequately educated locally and abroad, she could not resist the use of sensationalism to further her career. In .ph if you watch the news, do not be surprised to see headlines like "woman gives birth to fish!" and "two headed chicken can tell the future!" especially on ABS-CBN, the crappiest and most popular TV network. It's a stupid stupid world.

Cristina Peczon also owns the notoriety of being the reporter who wrote about the supposedly racial remarks Tommy Hilfiger made about, blacks, asians, or (insert minority groupe here). A rumor that spread so wide from its origin in .ph that it made its way to snopes.

She is a product of La Salle and Ateneo education.

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