A common phenomenon in America of for people to associate themselves with large groups, calling themselves Repbublicans, Democrats, Environmentalists, Liberals, Convervitives, etc... Yet when you start talking to then you find that they usually (although not always) don't agree on all levels with the groups they choose to identify with. Some will try and cut one group with another. With political parties they tend to go with whatever they registered as when they were 18 (despite whatever change in views they've had since then). People assume certain things when you tell them that you identify with that group. If you don't (or are not given the time) to explain the particulars of your views (which is often the case), you become easily judged.

I used to use the term "moderate" but I recently dropped that because I do have strong views on many issues, and when people hear "moderate" they thing it's because you "just don't care", or you like things "just the way they are". I no longer do this, insteaad I say "We don't have time to get into my views, as they are many and complex". If the individual then wants to have a discussion then I'm all for it.

It's easier than saying
"I'm a pro-environment, anti-gun control, anti-censorship, pro-choice but really not keen on the idea of abortion, atheiest, feedom of information, anti-intellectual property, anti-welfare, pro-education, pro-campaign finance reform, pro-defense budget cuts, the FCC should be abolished, keep health care relativley privatized, anti-private school voucher, anti-affermitive action..wait gimme a second to explain..., somewhat isolationist, pro-corporation, no wait, just a second... hey come back.... there's an addendum to that last one... oh buggar!

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