fucked up. Oh, you get a helpful core dump too with this useless message. Most users probably don't even read it, and haven't considered what it means; it simply denotes "bugger, it's crashed again".

So let's take a look at this. The instruction is not to call Micros~1, not to call the software producer, but the vendor?? Oh, so this means just take the box back to Business Depot or Staples or wherever you got it, and ask them to fix your problem.. WTF?

I'm sure your trained mutt customer service representative is going to have any clue at all; especially when these errors often can't be reproduced on different computers. The buck just gets passed back to the customer, who really ends up getting the shaft.

...but don't let's look at the dark side of things...

This idiot comment that windows barfs on you has its upsides. Not infrequently, the purchaser becomes irate, and a return is necessary. This opens the door to "buy & copy & return warez", and it was M$ themselves that encouraged the pir8s. Keep it up!

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