Found this nodeshell looking sad and lonely sitting all by itself with nothing to fill in the void. I couldn't resist writing this little story my husband told me about one of his adventures in pizza delivery while in Phoenix. I've embellished a bit...

I assume no one can see me because I can't see them. I am a tanned goddess who needs every bit of those UV rays as I can get. When I am naked on my balcony, lying there for the sun god to see me and bless me with his warm kisses on my skin, I feel at one with him, I am him and he is me. My world melts away in his heated glory. Nothing else exists, except our union.

AHHHHHHHRRRR! Some little boy just shot me with ice cold water from his water rifle! There's a man standing by him, they're laughing at my demise. This is just some practical joke to them. My beautiful union is ruined, the sun god is angry his love kisses burn my skin! I guess he and I were not alone, after all.

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