Star Trek Away Team is a RTS game, based on Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines, but, rather obviously with a Star Trek slant.

The premise is, that you, are Marcus Refelian *cough*Bejamin Sisko*/cough* and are in command of the USS Incursion, which is equipped with some sort of holographic projection device, so it can appear to be any vessel it likes. The Incursion's mission, is to go to places where no other ships can go and fix things with its Away Team.

I rather enjoy this game. Unlike Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines, there are more characters and more equipment, and the selection of characters and equipment is up to you, allowing greater amount of personal style to each mission. Phasers can be set for stun or kill, although, to keep things interesting, while a single stun shot will stun an enemy, it takes multiple kill shots to kill an enemy.

The equipment and skills are generally plausible within the Star Trek universe, and provide the much needed requirements of the style of the game. The transporter brig allows you to hide dead bodies, the Audio Decoy distracts guards, etc. Some more interesting tools are the enhanced mind meld (take over a guard) and the Stasis device allows you to stop time, in an area for a while.

Which brings us nicely along to the bad guys. The bad guys weapons are about the same strength as yours, which means that you can win most fire fights, however, usually you will take damage, which, will mean, that after a few fights, you will be unable to complete your mission. The only exception to this is the Borg, who, will adapt to your weapons, making them annoyingly hard to kill, and forcing you to use stealth tactics.


Right. After some crap about the Romulans trying to kill some Klingons, the real plot beings. Some Starfleet crewmen on the USS Leyete Gulf go mad, kill half the crew and try to blow up their ship (idiots). The Crew follow a line of inquiry, back to Starfleet Headquarters, and the Academy, where we learn about the Wardens, from Lt. Commander Data. We then follow the trail back from where it came, passing though the Klingons, Borg, Romulans, Borg, and finally to the Vulcans, where we have the, as required final battle where the future of the federation hangs in balance. Various people, including Worf and Data, make appearances to move along the plot, and to make things interesting.
  • Publisher: Activison Publishing
  • Developer: Reflexive Entertainment
  • Format: PC CD-ROM
  • Min Spec: Pentium II 266, 64Mb Ram, Windows 95/98/ME/2000, XP (I guess)

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