As a sexually aggressive ninety year old man, I am not always up on the latest trends. I don't know what is what and where that thing is that you use to hook it all up. In the end, it is all just nonsense to me and I want to bring it all to an end. Maybe you've had a different experience. I don't care. End it all.

And so. rarely do new "technologies" (the product of the extreme falseness that science has ALWAYS represented - so fake) turn me on or even turn me out. That was, until recently when I received a "text message" from someone that said, "Please download this app so I can see you inna nude." Now, that is a barrel of fish worth swimming around in and eventually shooting. There is no doubt about that.

Clearly, steps would need to be taken with this message, but what steps would be the best to take? I had to examine my options.

When you get a random text message that says "Please download this app so I can see you inna nude" you know this is serious business. This is no joke. This something to think about all night and well into the morning. You have an opporutnity. Will you take it? Will you dare? Or are you a complete pussy who thinks being careful is even relevant?  Why not download the app? You have absolutely nothing to lose in clicking on a link in a text message from an unknown caller. Nothing to lose at all. Some people will tell you about "issues" that could arise, using big words like "virus" and "malware," all of which are made up words used by liberals to keep businesses from earning top dollar. Click on the link. Download the app. This is your chance to show a stranger what you look like inna nude.

While absolutely nothing bad could happen as a result of clicking on the link (unless you buy into liberal hypocracy), you might want to tell the stranger some things about yourself so they know what kind of pics they will be receiving through this excellent, business promoting app. You don't want them to have buyer's remorse or the modern equivalent. They change the language so often in this country it makes me want to ream out seven truckers, and I don't even know what that means. I just know I would go to lengths and that at times those lengths will be great in order to get rid of the hypocracy and the language changes that fuck us ALL up on a daily basis because all we fucking need are seven words. "I want to go to work for you." After that, shut the fuck up and stay on that assembly line. Jesus. Note that I used the word "to" twice in that sentence, the only one you will need in the new economy.

So, when you get that text message, be sure you click on the link. You are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to find success through showing a picture of yourself inna nude to a consumer of such pictures. As far as buyer's remorse, tell them who and what you are. I say, "My name is Behr and I am a sexually aggressive ninety year old man. Do you want to see my pic of me inna nude?" They usually say "Yes" which makes me feel a certain feeling of pride. It is definitely pride. And that is something services like this one, that allows you to download an app to share pics of yourself inna nude with someone, helps you with. Feeling good about yourself. When someone looks at a pic of you inna nude and smiles, you smile as well. It just makes sense.

And now, some questions. Perhaps you have some as far as sending a pic of yourself inna nude to a stranger after downloading software they gave you a very high quality looking link to?

First of all, suspicions are overrated. When we are suspicious, we keep people from making money off us or getting sick pleasure from us, and therefore we tank the economy. We don't want that. The economy is more important than anything. Download the app to all your devices and activate them. Begin taking pics of yourself inna nude.

A lot of these apps have lapse security protocols surrounding them. This is not a problem. It can lead to beneficial "leaks" that will allow your inna nude photo to be shared on the Internets worldwide. Maybe a starving mentally ill man in Africa will get off looking at a pic of you inna nude tonight. You never can tell, but honestly, wouldn't that be a beautiful thing? To have that sort of impact on someone? Wonderful. Wholesome. Corn fed.

Like you, I've spent a great deal of time being inna nude. Why not share that with strangers? What do you have to lose? Get the app.

Now, you may talk to "computer nerds" who tell you these apps are dangerous. They are NOT. Download the app today.

Now that I have answered all your questions, let us move on to the benefits. What are the benefits of downloading an app you received a link to in a text message from a stranger so that you can share pics of yourself inna nude with them? That is the question being posed.

The first benefit is that often you are sitting around inna nude in your home and no one cares. No one is looking. No one is enjoying long, savory looks at your body. Download the app.

The second benefit is new and profane friendships with people from the Internets. Good people. Download the app. Show them what you look like inna nude.

The third benefit is renewed family ties. You may find an uncle or cousin has seen pics of you inna nude. Good on them. Good on you. Download the app.

The fourth benefit is a possible Hollywood or minor studio offer. You could have a career in being inna nude. You never know until you download the app and get your pic to this stranger, who is very, very likely a good person who cares about you.

The fifth benefit is having the photo for yourself so you can show it to people in bars and restaurants without them even having to ask first. "Have a look at this. I'm inna nude," you will tell them. Download the app.

Those are the benefits. What are the drawbacks? None. Download the app.

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