I would like to apologize to those of you who thought this was going to be a nodeshell or an awesome fictitious adventure, as "I Know a Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos" does imply a node involving both those things. However, in real life "I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos" is a full-length album by Combat Wounded Veteran.

COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN released this "LP" in July of 1999 on No Idea Records, a punk rock label operating out of Gainesville, Florida. I use the term "LP" lightly, because even though the album has nineteen tracks it is only nineteen minutes long, making the average song length one full minute. This makes sense, however, when you take into account Combat Wounded Veteran’s sound.

Thrash/grindcore/hardcore/ultraviolence/noise is the name of the game on this album. Squealing feedback shoves a metal screwdriver into your temple, while drums explode in a bombastic rush of insanity. But feel lucky for yourself: your brain probably hurts less right now than the lead singers vocal chords, because he has to have torn something by now. Yeah, it’s pretty intense.

Let’s round out this sensory violation with something visually disturbing as well. COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN rounds out the stereotypical hardcore cliché by packing their liner notes with surgery photos, death shots, and all around nasty stuff. So just incase the harsh music didn’t drive the destroyed images into your skull, the photos of the dead bodies do.

Still having a hard time imagining what I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos sounds like? No problem, I’m sure you’re familiar with Anal Cunt? These two bands share not only a similar sound, but also a similar outlook on titling songs. Just incase the songs alone weren’t enough to grab your attention, and make you wonder what the hell is going on, the song titles will entertain you into a goofy submission as well.

Track Listing:

  1. My Spine! My Spine! My Spine!
  2. Watching Stock Car Racing On My Wedding Night
  3. Propaganda Films Shot with a Sitcom Script
  4. Assassination Attempt Part 2
  5. I Talk, You Listen
  6. You'll Never Be Where I Am, Ever in Your Life
  7. Fuck The Ghouls
  8. Mercury Streams, The Proliferation of Foreign Matter
  9. One Arm Left
  10. Folded Space- Lead Poisoning & Distortion
  11. You Win, I'm Stupid
  12. Appendix: Proportion Zero
  13. Operation: Head Superimposed
  14. You Make Statements Concerning Things That You Know Nothing About
  15. Christ, My Leg is Sore
  16. Let the Surgical Strike Begin
  17. One Third of the Perfect Man
  18. The 7-10 Split
  19. The Party Asteroid Apocalypse

Other information:

Combat Wounded Vetran are...
Ponch - vocals
Jason Hamacher - drums
Jeff Howe - bass
Chris Norris - guitar, vocals
Dan Radde - guitar, vocals

No Idea 084
Recorded: January 1999 by Steve Heritage at Morrisound Studios
Released: July 1999
Vinyl: Different covers with Pink/Blue or Yellow records.



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