Propaganda films are typically created by a powerful entity of some kind in order to influence mass opinion. They play upon the basic fact that people are gullible, in general, or perhaps more accurately will do anything to avoid drawing non-socially-acceptable attention to themselves.

The idea is generally to exert control over human behaviour in order to perpetuate a meme, or to further greed, megalomania, or any other number of psychological problems, most of which seem to have a basis in some kind of fear. Indeed, fear propaganda is the most popular kind. Even in fiction, the concept is vividly demonstrated in Orwell's 1984 - a dystopia of fear, surveillance, paranoia, and ubiquitous propaganda.

Food for thought: How is this different to society today?

Anyhow, there are numerous examples of this kind of mind-rotting garbage:

I'd like to liberally add a few other things which cause particular memes that are not beneficial to the individual to which they are imparted, that like the mass propaganda of old, are distributed en masse.

Create yourself a defence against propaganda!

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