Anal Cunt is a band with absolutely no musical or ethical redeeming values.  Their song titles, however, make lots of people laugh simply because of the "Someone wrote a song called WHAT?" value.  Yes, it's offensive.  Very much so. 

Here's all the discography I could find (, you find more, /msg me.

Also--as of a few weeks ago, Anal Cunt is no more. yesno informs me that the band has broken up.

Major Discography

"Morbid Florist" (1993)

  1. Some Songs
  2. Song #5
  3. Chump Change
  4. Slow Song from Split 7"
  5. Unbelieveable
  6. Siege
  7. Grateful Dead
  8. I Don't Wanna Dance
  9. Even More Songs
  10. Radio Hit
  11. Some More Songs
  12. Morrissey
  13. Song #6
  14. Guy Lombardo
  15. Untitiled

"Everybody Should Be Killed" (1994)

  1. Some Songs
  2. Some More Songs
  3. Blur Including New H.C. Song
  4. Even More Songs
  5. Tim
  6. Judge
  7. Spin Cycle
  8. Song #8
  9. Pavorotti
  10. Unbelievable
  11. Music Sucks
  12. Newest H.C. Song #1
  13. Chiffon and Chips
  14. Guy Smiley
  15. Seth
  16. 'Im not allowed to like A.C. any more since they signed to Earache'
  17. A. EX. A Blur
  18. G.M.O.T.R.
  19. I'm Wicked Underground
  20. Blur Including G
  21. Shut UP Mike
  22. Abomination of Unnecessarily Augmented Composition Monickers
  23. Radio Hit
  24. Loser
  25. When I Think of True Punk Rock Bands. I Think of Nirvana and The Melvins
  26. EddY Grant
  27. MTV is My Source For New Music
  28. Song Titles Are Fucking Stupid
  29. Having To Make UP Song titles Sucks
  30. 'Well You Know, Mean Gene...'
  31. Song *5
  32. Iron Funeral
  33. Chapel of Gristle
  34. Hellbent For Leatherman
  35. Alcoholic
  36. Chump Change
  37. Slow Song From Split
  38. Les Binks Hairstyle
  39. Newest H.C. Song #2
  40. Greatful Dead
  41. Aging Disgracefully
  42. Brutally Morbid Axe of Satan
  43. Surfer
  44. You Must Be Wicked Underground If You Own This
  45. Choke Edge
  46. Otis Sistrunk
  47. Russty Knoife
  48. Fred Bash
  49. Guess Which 10 Of These Are Actual Song Titles
  50. Our Band Is Wicked Sick (We Have The Flu)
  51. Guy Le Fleur
  52. Song #3
  53. Empire Sandwich Shop
  54. Morrisey
  55. Selling Out By Having Song titles On his Album
  56. Grindcore Is Very Terrifying
  57. Song #6
  58. Guy Lombardo

"Top 40 Hits" (1995)

  1. Some Hits
  2. Some More Hits
  3. Pepe, The Gay Waiter
  4. Even More Hits
  5. M.J.C.
  6. Flower Shop Guy
  7. Living Colour Is My Favorite Black Metal Band
  8. Lenny's In My Basement
  9. Stayin Alive (Oi! version)
  10. Benchpressing Effects On Kevin Sharp's vocals
  11. Josue
  12. Delicious Face Style
  13. #19 To Go
  14. 'Stealing Seth's Ideas' The New Book By John Chang
  15. Morbid Dead Guy
  16. Believe In The King
  17. Dont Call Japanese Hardcore Japcore
  18. Shut Up Mike, Pt 2
  19. Hey, Aren't You Gary Spivey?
  20. Breastfeeding Jim J. Bullock's Toenail Collection
  21. Foreplay With A Tree Shredder
  22. 2 Down 5 To Go
  23. I Liked Earache Better When Dig Answered The Phone
  24. Brain Dead
  25. Newest H.C. Song #3
  26. The Sultry Ways Of Steve Berger
  27. Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
  28. Lives Ruined By Music
  29. Still A Freshman After All These Years
  30. I'm Still Standing
  31. Art Fag
  32. John
  33. Newest H.C. Song #4
  34. Song #9 (Instrumental)
  35. Cleft Plate
  36. Theme From The A-Team
  37. Old Lady Across The Hall With No Life
  38. Shut Up Paul
  39. Lazy Eye (Once a Hank, always a Hank)
  40. American Woman

"40 More Reasons To Hate Us" (1996)

  1. Face It. You're A Metal Band
  2. Punching Joe Bonni's Face In
  3. Kill Women
  4. Steroids Guy
  5. Everyone In Allston Should Be Killed
  6. I Noticed That You're Gay
  7. Dead. Gay. And Dropped
  8. You Look Divorced
  9. I Hope You Get Deported
  10. Mike Mahan Has Gingivitis
  11. Trapped
  12. You're A Fucking Cunt
  13. Phyllis Is An Old Annoying Cunt
  14. Al Stankus Is Always On The Phone With His Bookie
  15. Bill Scott's Dumb
  16. Harvey Korman Is Gay
  17. You Fucking Freak
  18. Theme From Three's Company
  19. Jeanine Jizm Is A Freak
  20. Everyone In Anal Cunt Is Dumb
  21. I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth
  22. Johnny Violent Getting His Ass Kicked By Morrisey
  23. Metamorphosis
  24. I'm Sick Of You
  25. Howard Wulkan's Bald
  26. You're A Trendy Fucking Pussy
  27. Tom Arnold
  28. I Got Athletes Foot Showering At Mike's
  29. Big Pants. Bigger Loser
  30. Marc Payson Is A Drunk
  31. Your Family Is Dumb
  32. Furnace
  33. You're Dumb
  34. Van Full Of Retards
  35. Deche Charge Are A Bunch Of Fucking Losers
  36. Everyone In The Underground Music Scene Is Dumb
  37. Dumb. Fat. And Gross
  38. I'm Not Stubborn
  39. Mike Mahan's Sty
  40. 02657
  41. Gloves Of Metal
  42. Bonus Track

"I Like It When You Die" (1997) (thanks to yesno)

  1. Jack Kevorkian Is Cool
  2. Valujet
  3. You've Got No Friends
  4. You Keep A Diary
  5. You Own A Store
  6. You Got Date Raped
  7. Recycling Is Gay
  8. You're A Cop
  9. You Can't Shut Up
  10. You've Got Cancer
  11. We Just Disagree
  12. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  13. You Are An Interior Decorator
  14. Pottery's Gay
  15. Rich Goyette Is Gay
  16. Branscombe Richmond
  17. You Live In Allston
  18. You Are A Food Critic
  19. Just The Two Of Us
  20. Your Band's In The Cut-Out Bin
  21. You're Gay
  22. You Look Adopted
  23. Your Cousin Is George Lynch
  24. You Have Goals
  25. You Drive An IROC
  26. You Play On A Softball Team
  27. Because You're Old
  28. You Sell Cologne
  29. Being A Cobbler Is Dumb
  30. You Live In A Houseboat
  31. Richard Butler
  32. 311 Sucks
  33. Your Kid Is Deformed
  34. You Are An Orphan
  35. You're Old (Fuck You)
  36. You Go To Art School
  37. You're Best Friend Is You
  38. You're In A Coma
  39. Windchimes Are Gay
  40. No, We Don't Want To Do A Split Seven Inch With Your Stupid F@#king Band
  41. Rene Auberjonois
  42. The Internet Is Gay
  43. Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You
  44. Hootie And The Blowfish
  45. You Went To See Dishwalla And Everclear (You're Gay)
  46. Locking Drop Dead In McDonalds
  47. Technology's Gay
  48. Your Favorite Band Is Supertramp
  49. I'm In A.C.
  50. You (Fill In The Blank)
  51. Kyle From Incantation Has A Mustache
  52. Bonus Track #3

"Picnic Of Love" (1998) (the album that lets you know it's all in the name of comedy and not hate)

  1. Picnic Of Love
  2. I Respect Your Feelings As A Woman And A Human
  3. I Wanna Grow Old With You
  4. Saving Ourselves For Marriage
  5. Greed Is Something That We Don't Need
  6. I'm Not That Kind Of Boy
  7. I Couldn't Afford To Buy You A Present (So I Wrote You This Song)
  8. I'd Love To Have Your Daughter's Hand In Marriage
  9. My Woman, My Lover, My Friend
  10. Waterfall Wishes
  11. In My Heart There's A Star Named After You

"It Just Get Worse" (1999)

  1. I Became A Counselor So I Could Tell Rape Victims They Asked For It
  2. Easy E. Got A.I.D.S. From F. Mercury
  3. I Like Drugs And Child Abuse
  4. Laughing When Leonard Peltier Gets Raped In Jail
  5. I Convinced You To Beat Your Wife On A Daily Basis
  6. I Sent Concentration Camp Footage To Americas Funniest Home Videos
  7. Rancid Sucks (And The Clash Sucked Too)
  8. I Paid J. Howell To Rape You
  9. I Pushed Your Wife In Front Of The Subway
  10. Extreme Noise Terror Is Afraid Of Us
  11. You Rollerblading Faggot
  12. I Sent A Thankyou Card To The Guy That Raped You
  13. I Lit Your Baby On Fire
  14. Body By Auschvitz
  15. I Intentionally Ran Over Your Dog
  16. Sweatshops Are Cool
  17. Woman, Nature's Punching Bag
  18. I Snuck A Retard In To A Sperm Bank
  19. Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck
  20. I Ate Your Horse
  21. Hitler Was A Sensitive Man
  22. You Robbed A Sperm Bank Because You're A Cum Guzzling Fag
  23. I Made You're Kid Get AIDS, So You Could Watch It Die
  24. I Fucked Your Wife
  25. Into The Oven
  26. I Gave Nambla Pictures Of You Kid
  27. The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid, You Stupid Fucking Cunt
  28. I Made Fun Of You Because Your Kid Just Died
  29. Domestic Violence Is Really Really Really Funny
  30. Dictators Are Cool
  31. Deadbeat Dads Are Cool
  32. I'm Really Excited About The Upcoming David Buskin Concert
  33. Being Ignorant Is Awesome
  34. You're Pregnant, So I Kicked You In The Stomach
  35. Chris Barnes Is A Pussy
  36. Tim Is Gay
  37. B.T./A.C.
  38. I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant
  39. I Got An Office Job For The Sole Purpose Of Sexually Harassing Women

"Defenders Of The Hate" (2001)

  1. All Our Fans Are Gay
  2. Limp Bizkit Think They're Black, But They're Just Gay
  3. You Were Too Ugly To Rape, So I Just Beat The Shit Out Of You
  4. Hebosaurus
  5. Even Though You're Culture Oppresses Women, You Still Suck You Fucking Towelhead
  6. If You Don't Like The Village People, You're Fucking Gay
  7. Obviously Adopted
  8. Walker, Texas Corpse
  9. The Word Homophobic Is Gay
  10. You Converted To Judaism So A Guy Would Touch Your Dick
Several years ago I saw A.C. at ABC No Rio (tiny punk community center on the Lower East Side of New York.) After the show, we were going to a bar with some of the band, when a guy across the street in a bright orange suit whom I'd never seen before in my life started calling my name, yelling "YOU LEFT YOUR DICTIONARY AT MY HOUSE!"

I tried to ignore him, but I have a pretty unusual name, so it was hard to pretend he was calling somebody else. I explained to my compatriots that I didn't, as far as I knew, know the guy, and that my dictionary was safely in place on my own bookshelf. On hearing this, Seth the vocalist started pulling bottles out of a nearby trash can and flinging them pretty hard at Mr. Orange, who sensibly enough turned tail and ran. The evening proceeded apace; we remained unmolested, and a rollicking good time was had by all, thanks to that spontaneous outburst of violence.

Anal Cunt are a noisecore band out of Allston, MA. Their current lineup is:

  • Seth Putnam: Vox, keyboards
  • Josh Martin: Guitar
  • Nate Lineham: Drums

Their music pretty much sounds like a vacuum cleaner running while stuff falls down the stairs, and dad is in the next room being murdered. If you're like me, most of A.C.'s appeal lies in their truly bizarre (and often offensive) song titles (as noted above).

During the summer of 2000, I saw Anal Cunt perform at the Middle East in Cambridge. It certainly wasn't the best concert I'd ever been to, and I certainly didn't have the best time, but it was "interesting."

The room was full of sort of dirty hardcore types, drunk and rowdy. Cool. That bit was fine. Until two 300+ pound men started moshing. Scary as hell.

Before A.C. started playing, Seth put on a swastika armband and led the crowd in a rousing "Heil Hitler!" Yeah. Some of the crowd were genuinely into it -- you could just tell -- and some of us just laughed. There were some who were offended. Come on, you're at an Anal Cunt concert for fuck's sake.

Seth was clearly wasted, and continued to swig from a bottle during the entire set. He offered someone $5 to punch the guy next to him. Someone else stopped him before he could slug the guy. Then, he asked another guy, standing at the foot of the stage, if he could kick him in the face.

Seth: Can I kick you in the face?
Guy: (laughing) Yeah, sure.
Seth: Seriously, do you want me to fucking kick you in the fucking face?
Guy: (drunk and brave) Go ahead.

Seth kicks the guy in the face. Hard.

Guy: (drunk and angry) Fuck you! You fucking asshole! Fuck you!
Seth: You asked for it, asshole. Here's $10.

Seriously. Fucking crazy as hell. Later in the set, Seth vomited while he was singing. He kept singing. I can't say that I ever want to go to another Anal Cunt show, but I'm certainly not sorry that I went to this one. Besides, it made me feel like a badass just being there.

A.C. is getting to be one of my favorite bands. Although I'm not sure what that says about me. I love how they got kicked off Earache records after they released It Just Gets Worse because of record stores refusing to carry the album due to its highly offensive nature. I have read many a review of said album, and all have deemed it the most offensive thing ever recorded. I am proud to own a copy. The band has said that their next album will only be worse than before. I think we have a lot to look forward to.

I recently got the chance to see Anal Cunt play in Memphis. They played in the basement of a coffee shop/deli type place downtown. The place had brick walls and concrete floors and was illuminated only by two lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling by the wires that powered them.

The show was the most intense thing i have ever heard. The band opened with the warmest of greetings: "We're Anal Cunt, and you are all a bunch of FAGGOTS!!!". Immediately they went right into playing and didn't let up for nearly half an hour. What sounded like one huge jumble of noise to some people was merely a medley of their best and most popular work. Songs like "311 Sucks", "Rancid Sucks (And the Clash sucked too)", and "You're Gay" (dedicated to 'The fat fucking kid in the Acid Bath shirt'), along with their infamous cover songs, including but not limited to: Elton John's "I'm Still Standing", The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive", and Hootie and the Blowfish's "Only Wanna Be With You" made the evening as entertaining as ever. There were some reservations about the skinheads beating the shit out of each other, but once everyone realized they were just having a good drunken time, the crowd got back into it.

All in all, it wasn't the best show I've ever seen, but if given the chance, I'd see them again. They are definitely a must for followers of this genre. I mean how can you go wrong with a song like "If You Don't Like The Village People, You're Fucking Gay"?

Update: As of Dec. 21, 2001, Anal Cunt have broken up. The members have since formed several new bands, most notably You're Fired, and Full Blown A.I.D.S.. God, and I thought Anal Cunt was a pretty offensive band name......

Original writeup by our beloved taschenrechner who has decided to leave us. He bequeathed this writeup to me as a birthday present and also because I went to the glorious A.C. show with him. If you got a problem with it, I am sorry that you care that much. But feel free to msg me anyway!

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