...And Oceans (yes, with an ellipsis) started life in 1995 in Finland, as a black metal collaboration between several scattered musicians. Some of the members came from an old band called Festerday and the majority of the band still participate in other projects such as Rotten Sound, Enochian Crescent and Black Dawn

The band have some awesome song titles, only in a different way to most black metal bands ("Intelligence Is Sexy", "Mechanic Hippie" or "I Wish I Was Pregnant", anyone?). The band's line-up has changed considerably over time, both due to member shifts and stage name changes. Consider, for example, the name of the vocalist- named K-2T4-S during the production of the first two albums before changing to Killstar during A/M.G.O.D, his current name is simply Kenny.

Currently fond of mixing industrial, almost EBM-like synthesizers into their dense metal sound (which, tellingly, is moving further away from the traditional black metal sound and into the realms of industrial metal), the band have managed on several occasions to annoy the "fukkin kvlt" grim and necro black metal purists in their search for the perfect "cyber metal" sound. The band use English, Finnish, Swedish and French in their lyrics.

Fans of Aborym, Red Harvest and Strapping Young Lad should check them out.


1998 - The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts (Season of Mist)
1999 - The Symmetry Of I - The Circle Of O (Season of Mist)
2000 - A/M.G.O.D; Allotropic/Metamorphic Genesis Of Dismorphism (Century Media)
2002 - Cypher (Century Media)

1998 - WAR Volume 1 - Split CD with Bloodthorn

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