1. To form a line of arrested persons at police headquarters for inspection by officers and detectives; to take one's place in such a line. 2. To form, or take one's place in a line of suspects for identification by a complainant. 3. To form, or take one's place in a line of men for a series of criminal assaults on a woman. 4. To organize unions, or so-called "protective agencies" by force; to secure a list of potential victims of extortion, and to organize them into regularly paying groups. 5. To make all necesarry plans and preperations for the execution of a specific crime.

- american underworld dictionary - 1950

Line"-up`, Line"up` (?), n.

The formation of football players before the start or a restart of play; hence (Colloq.),

any arrangement of persons (rarely, of things), esp. when having a common purpose or sentiment; as, the line-up at a ticket-office window; the line-up of political factions.


© Webster 1913

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