The Low Frequency in Stereo is a Norwegian / Danish rock band. They have been around since early 2000, but were most active in Haugesund, the home town of one of the founding members, Per Steinar Lie. However, they have done a number of gigs in southern and eastern Norway as well; Bergen, Stavanger and Oslo to name a few locations.

TLFiS released their debut album Moonlanding in May 2001 (CCAP Records). It has been described as a breath of fresh air in the low-fidelity / postrock genre, focusing on laid-back instrumentals, with groovy drums, a heavy organic bass and a knife-edged guitar, spiced up with samples and keyboard. Some of their tracks also feature excellent moody vocals - "Harvest" is a great example. They have been compared to other great bands, such as Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor!.

Other examples of their work can be found on a few compilation CDs as well; The track "Finger" appears on the album Furballs of Frustration (an animal rights compilation CD) from Zerobros records in Belgium, the song "Over Copenhagen" appears on the By:larm 2001 CD, and the Songs "Desert" and "Stuntman" appears in the snowboard movie "SV2"

The band did a short tour in Europe in the fall of 2001, where they did several gigs in Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

A new album is in the works. Very few of the details were disclosed at the time of asking, but it is scheduled for release in the spring of 2002, and is likely to be followed by a new tour in April.

Current line-up:

The band's official home page can be found at

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