I'm a graduate student, and to pay my tuition and get a measly stipend, I have to teach a few undergraduate math courses. Last semester I taught an 8 o'clock class, and the mid-term happened to be on the Friday before Spring Break.

Well, I was in my office at around 7pm that night, trying to get everything done before I left on break, and I hear a knock on my door. Who should I see when I open the door but the one student who had missed the test that morning. Being an understanding sort, I assumed he had slept through it (although I found it a little strange that he had waited almost 12 hours to come see me), and handed him a copy of the test with instructions to go down the hall and take it in an empty room.

What does HE say? "Actually, that's not why I came. I haven't been to class in the past few weeks, so I didn't know a test was coming up. When I figured it out last night I realized that I would fail if I showed up, so I decided it would be better if I took it when I get back from Spring Break. I just thought I'd come and tell you."

My answer? "Why thank-you. Unfortunately, that doesn't work for me. I'd suggest that you drop this course, seeing as how losing the 25% for this test won't help your grade too much, especially when you consider the three quizzes you've missed in the past month."

He didn't take my advice, and I have to say that this is the only time that I've enjoyed writing an "F" on a grading form.

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