T'was nine months ago today. I was sitting in the classroom that had taught me to think on a higher mathematic level. The classroom that taught me to use calculus. Graphs, theorems, formulas, rules, integration, solids of revolution, and basic mathematical concepts were running through my mind, yet, fifty percent of the test relied on my TI-89 graphing calculator.

The first hour of the test passed, leaving me mildly worried about the answers that I had selected. During the second hour, the "BATT" light appeared on the LCD of my calculator indicating low batteries. I was no longer mildy worried, but ready to punch myself in the face. This situation was normal, i would have another day or two with the "BATT" light on before needing to replace the batteries. Of course, the gods of mathematics laughed at my face on that fateful day. While plotting a 3d graph, roughly halfway through the test, the calculator went off. It was dead. I asked our AP proctor for batteries, but he had none. I asked the class for batteries and/or a spare calculator. The answer was "none."

I was stranded with my brain, a pencil, and various sheets of college board material. Giving up my search for batteries due to time, i began to fervently work. I continued at the same pace doing as well as i could. Another two hours passed, i finished with time to spare. I left the room feeling confident and went to buy batteries in order to make sure that the calculator was not broken.

The rest of the day went well. I calmly went to bed and waited the 3 long months to receive my score. Of course, unhappily and shocked i received a 3 on the exam. Which is passing for most colleges to accept, but i knew i was capable of a 4 or 5 which are the next highest scores. It sucked, but i used my brain to receive a passing grade which was better then 80% of the rest of my AP Calculus class.


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