This is a great bar trick and one worth doing well.

The first part is the trickiest: you must break the shot glass down into its component parts.

You can do this one of two ways, the first being the coolest:

Now comes the fun part: start eating

Glass is made of sand, and the more you chew the glass, the closer to sand it becomes. The important part is to keep the glass away from your tongue, cheeks, gums, etc., until it has worn down enough to become safe. The watchword is chew, chew, chew.

When the chewing part is over, all that's left is to swallow. It's as easy as falling off a flagpole.

So, there you have it. A great way to impress the ladies, win a few wagers and maybe even get a free drink or two. You can thank me later.

Neat trick, except I think that glass is harder than the enamel on your teeth. You probably don't want to wear too much of that enamel off. Even if it weren't harder, at even the smallest size your body will never process that silica and it will certainly play hell with your intestine. You see, your intestine is very fragile and full of ucky poisonous goo. You don't want any holes in your intestine. Thirdly, be careful not to eat any crystal. Most crystal gets its distinctive qualities from the addition of lead. Lead is a bad thing to eat.

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