Find some shmoe who's smoking a cigarette, is quite drunk, and who you can beat up if it came down to fisticuffs.

Bet this gent twenty dollars that you can take his pack of cigarettes, balance one cigarette on the package and flip it up into your mouth with the tip of your shoe.

They almost always say no, since they need that twenty for the next round or three. Drop the bet to ten dollars. When they still say no, drop the bet down to a nickle. They always agree, since it's worth the nickle to see the trick.

Set up his pack of ciggies, balance the lone cigarette on top of the package, then stomp down as hard as you can on the entire pack. Flip him a nickle, congratulate him, then leave.

This sounds more like a stupid way to most definitely get the crap beat out of you... if you think for a moment someone, no matter how drunk, is gonna let you stomp on their package of cigarettes and then walk away, you are sorely mistaken.

Personally, I don't smoke, and could care less if people do (other than the drain it puts on the health care system). But regardless of how you view smoking, that $5 package of cigarettes is still their $5 piece of property. And you just vandalized it... cost of the item aside, that act is really no different than someone grabbing your cell phone, your hand held GPS or your rye and coke, throwing it on the ground and stomping on it as hard as you can.

It's just plain wrong...

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