Jossei viina, terva tai sauna auta, on tauti kuolemaks.

-- Traditional Finnish proverb

An accurate listing of the cures available to common folk before the advent of modern medicine. Still, the triumvirate undoubtedly worked for curing quite a few people. In a traditional Finnish house, the sauna was the most hygienic place since it was continually sterilized by steam, which is also why it was traditionally used for childbirth. Vodka is an effective external disinfectant (as well as a sedative). Tar seems to have played a similar role, although in some versions of the saying tar is replaced with bloodletting (kuppaus), widely practiced according to bastardized Galenic doctrine in order to let out bad blood and other humors. Finns actually eat the stuff as well, see terva for details.

These days, this proverb is used only figuratively to treat ailments such as getting dumped by your girlfriend, with an emphasis on the first cure.

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