So I love my grandpa very much as can be seen in other write ups I have done about him. I think the most important thing you need to know about him to understand this node is that he really likes home remedies. That being said I saw him recently, and for some reason he took notice of the fact that my skin wasn’t as clear as it has been in the past. Well being the loving, kind person he is, he looked at me and said.

"Don’t you think it is about time to start eating raisins?"

"Raisins Grandpa?" He went on to (shortly) explain that supposedly eating raisins will cause your skin to clear up. I didn’t understand how that was true, but I didn’t argue. He mentioned it a few times after that as well.

My grandpa has main staples in his repertoire of home remedies, those being:

His theory would be that given these ten items, one will never have to see a doctor.

With these ten items, my grandfather would be known to make many combinations, say for example "random alcohol with raisins in it" this particular tonic could have many functions, say a hair tonic, something he drinks for his heart, something he drinks for his colds, he could use it as a skin ointment, or something to clean off his paintbrushes.

"Child, you are going to go get some raisins when you get home right?"

"Yes Grandpa."

So I am using something by Neutrogena for my face, works nicely, since I dont like raisins.

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