How to make an altar-sized horn of plenty

(Craft project for Mabon)



Simply place the fruit inside the horn so that it is aesthetically pleasing. It is best to make it look as if the bounty is spilling outwards, extending its nourishment. If using real fruit, be advised that a protective napkin or cloth should separate it from the horn and the table surface, or else you may have stains.

Ritual use:

The horn itself, before being filled, can be used in ritual as a symbol to "drink" from to symbolically consume the harvest. It is symbolic of the mother Goddess's womb. It can then be filled as a symbol that the fruits of the Goddess never run dry. Furthermore, thanks and wishes can be attached to it by ribbons or thrown into the horn, in a variety of creative ways. In some rare instances you may even be able to weave your own horn (if you are talented in that area) or at least decorate it with ribbons and doodads in fall colors.

Pagan craft projects

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