How to make a Lammas centerpiece

(Craft project for Lughnasadh)



Simply arrange the items in the basket or pot in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. The dolly is made by folding the raffia or husk so that a loop of it resembles the head of a doll, and then it is tied with white ribbon. Arms can also be added with extra husk or raffia, but that is unnecessary; the dolly can also be dressed as a pregnant woman at this time if desired.

Ritual use:

The dolly can be made in ritual to symbolize the pregnant mother Goddess who is giving forth her bounty in the form of the harvest (but is still pregnant with the stored bounty of the future harvest). The dolly can be made and placed ceremoniously among the centerpiece. The piece itself simply combines traditional Lughnasadh symbols in a reminder of the season's meaning, and though it has some harvest symbols (i.e., the wheat, the corn), it does not emphasize the harvest as much as the holiday of Mabon with its horn of plenty.

Pagan craft projects

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