How to make a Wedding Gift Basket

(Craft project for Litha)



Simply place all items aesthetically inside the basket, perhaps using it as a decoration for inside your Midsummer Feather Wreath if you made one. It is very tasteful to wind white flower garlands around the handle of the basket, and to perhaps even paint it yourself or, if you are talented in that area, to weave your own basket.

Ritual use:

To use this in a ritual, every item to be placed in the basket must have some kind of symbolic meaning. You can solemnly put each item in and simultaneously make a wish for the union of the deities, and pray for Their happiness; also it can be used as a parallel for any relationships in your life that you wish to succeed. Alternately, such baskets can be given or used as decorations at handfastings or weddings you go to.

Pagan craft projects

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