How to make a magick mirror

(Craft project for Samhain)



Make sure the glass is clean first. Paint two coats of black enamel paint on the back of the glass, and also paint the wood black, leaving no signs of drips or strokes. Let dry. To prepare for use, take crushed herbs (such as mugwort or any others suggested for divination) and dissolve them in water. Let the herbs steep overnight (covered with a cloth) and then strain them out, and use the infusion to paint over the enamel. Do three coats, allowing to dry in between. Glue the glass onto the wood.

Ritual use:

The magick mirror can be used for divination during a Samhain ritual. This is the traditionally best time of year for such things (especially if there is a waning or new moon). Do the scrying by candlelight (but don't put the candles so close to the mirror that they cause reflections). Stare deep into the mirror and try to let it be your entire field of view. If no images come to you, try making passes with your non-dominant hand to bring them out, sending out receptive energy. If and when you see glimmerings of images, you can try to control them and fix them in view by using energy from your dominant hand. (Images tend to move and sort of run toward you, then dissolve; if you can fix them in place or at least slow them down, you have more time to interpret them.) It is also a good idea to perhaps say out loud the things you are seeing and any musings you have, while recording yourself on a portable tape recorder. That way you don't have to break your trance or repeatedly get back into the mode every time you want to make a note of something. Then you can do your interpretation at a later time. Be warned: This takes lots of practice.

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