Those of us who have read the Harry Potter books, by acclaimed author J.K. Rowling, know how unbelievably addicting they are. I was told about these books by my sister, with the staunch warning, "Don't read these books when you have finals coming up." Of course, I ignored these warnings, and learned the hard way that you really should avoid them when you have exams.

A conversation about the staunch addictiveness of these books led to a bit of a raunchy conversation with one of my friends. He and his girlfriend have been dating for several months, and the lusty aspect of their relationship is still there. The torture aspect of their relationship is also there, where both of them deliberately annoy each other and laugh about it later. A little S&M never hurt anyone.

This is where Harry Potter comes into play. Sometimes, when his girlfriend is anxious, he pretends to be reading Harry Potter, telling his girlfriend, "Not now, I'm reading Harry." She even went a step further and groped, and, well, you get the idea, did other stuff to see if she could distract him from the books. All the while, he continued to read Harry Potter. I heavily doubt he was still reading, but nonetheless, he's the type of guy who would keep up the guise of reading just to bother his girlfriend a little more. She even delivered an ultimatum to him, asking him to decide, once and for all, what he would prefer: Sex or Harry Potter? He, having a fully functional Y chromosome, naturally chose sex. So from now on, he can only read Harry Potter when his girlfriend is not around.

J.K. Rowling is one of the best children's authors to have come about in ages. She has to be, considering she nearly deprived a girl of sex on more than one occasion.

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