Chong ching!s Chang 'cause Chang chung! Chong

Dr. Seuss pays a surprise visit to E2
In the tradition of Oh say can you say?, you have to read this out loud

Chong @:-)
Chang #;-]
Chong writes good nodes
Chang writes bad nodes
Chong's a good level 4 noder
Chang's a bad level 4 noder

Chong writes a good I Ching node
Chang reads Chong's good I Ching node
Chang ching!s Chong's good I Ching node

Chang writes a bad China node
Chong reads Chang's bad China node
Chang chung! Chong but Chong hasn't chung! Chang
So Chong ching!s Chang's bad China node
Chong ching!s Chang 'cause Chang chung! Chong

Read Chang's node
Read Chong's node
Read Chong's Chang-chung! node
Read Chang's Chong-chung! node
Is Chang's Chong-chung! node better than Chong's Chang-chung! node?
No. Chong's Chang-chung! node is better than Chang's Chong-chung! node!

Oh say can you say:

Chong ching!s Chang's Chong-chung! node. Chang ching!s Chong's Chang-chung! node.
I would ching! Chong's Chang-chung! I Ching node if Chang hadn't chung! Chong's I Ching node.
I would not ching! Chang's Chong-chung 'cause Chang chung! Chong China node even if Chong hadn't Chong-chung! Chang.

Now go and unwind your tongue
There's more noding to be done!

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