Note: if you're reading this from a geographical region where you normally drive on the left side of the road, just invert right and left.

As a frequent pedestrian, I have noticed an inherent design flaw (or, possibly, feature), common to the designs of many cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Look at the bottom of most vehicles, and you will see the exhaust pipe, where the exhaust system terminates, releasing assorted poisonous gases and particulates into the atmosphere, which were generated as a byproduct of combustion when gasoline reacted with air to make the vehicle go vroom.

Now, note which side the pipe terminates on. Cars usually have it located on the right, pointing backwards. Trucks and SUVs tend to have it located on the right, pointing to the right.

Finally, imagine you are walking down a sidewalk next to this vehicle in operation. My assistant, Mr. Stick Man, will demonstrate:

  _______     /        O  \
 /_______\   / DEATH  /|\ /
|o==ICK==o| /  CLOUD   |  \
|_|-----|_|=_________ / \ /
    Car    ^       Sidewalk

I am forced to wonder, though, whether or not this quirk in automotive design is intentional, and that cloud of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide (among other things) is being propelled intentionally towards pedestrians as a statement... "Hey, pedestrian! Buy a car, and you won't have to inhale gaseous death!"

Also, take into consideration the design of a transit bus's exhaust system. The tailpipe is always on the left side, as the bus's design is intended not to subject passengers to death by diesel after droppng them off. This is clearly the ideal design...

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