Guns are an aspect of our main advantage: intelligence (some would argue).

Most humans could never figure out how to build a gun of their own but we can communicate that we'll give somebody else some nice shiny pieces of metal and some pieces of green paper for one, which is just as good.

Humans are nature.
Humans can cheat themselves.
But humans cannot cheat nature.

Humankind evolved with tools.

The argument posed by many fanatical environmentalists and naturalists is that humans would never got where they are without all the weapons and tools we have, and without them, we would be the inferior species among creatures with claws, flight, and other "natural" advantages.

Taking away all of the weapons and tools of a human, however, is the same as taking away the reflexes, claws, and jaws of a tiger, the speed, flight, and ferocity of an eagle, or the grace, bite, and viciousness of a shark. Our intelligence and ability to build tools are HUMANITY'S NATURAL ADVANTAGES.

Of course, the common prevailing theory is that humans are not nature, for some reason. The same fanatical environmentalists will argue that anything made by humans is not "nature" and is thus wrong, as it is not a "natural" advantage. This includes guns, which they say might "cheat" nature. (I am not, in this sense, calling Sarcasmo a fanatical environmentalist, or implying that he does all this, rather, I am just giving semisatirical examples of such people) Unless Douglas Adams was right in THHGTTG series of books, wherein humanity as we know it is made up of the outcasts from another planet, humans are just as organic of lifeforms as cute, fuzzy bunnies and fast, graceful tigers. What makes us "unnatural"? Is the human method of reproduction and childbirth any more "unnatural" than other species' methods?

Guns do NOT cheat nature. Guns are, in fact, a BY-PRODUCT of nature.

In fact guns help nature, or rather, help the evolution of humans: they give dolts a very efficient way of offing themselves.

Saying that somethings cheats nature is like saying that it cheats physics: can't do it. Remember that eventually the Old Doctor and the Gods of the Things as They are will show up and get you.

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