DarkBASIC was released in 1998 by Dark Basic Software Ltd. It is the most recent in the line of BASIC programming languages, primarily for use in the Windows O/S utilizing DirectX. Designed to be an easy yet versatile way to create computer games (particularly 3D computer games) it has gained a rather large following, with an ever growing community of people ever-ready to help the newbie (in my experience). Recently (2002) DarkBASIC Pro was released. This version included many things the original DarkBASIC did not, including particle commands (previously particle effects were obtained by using code to create, texture and move tiny primitives) and improved online commands.


  • DarkBASIC and DarkBASIC Pro are also known as DB and DBP, respectively.
  • DB and DBP support 3D mesh objects (textured and non-textured) in both the *.x and *.3ds format.
  • DB and DBP support bitmaps in the *.bmp and *.jpg format.
  • DB and DBP support *.avi movie files to be played in a specified region of the screen.
  • Both 3D, 2D and text applications can be made with DB and DBP.

Pertinant Websites:

  • The most frequented forum for DB and DBP is at www.realgametools.net/forums/
  • You can learn more about DB, DBP and Dark Basic Software, as well as other products at www.darkbasic.net

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