Blitzbasic is a Windows based compiled language for the PC that is based on the BASIC syntax.

An example of the syntax:-
drawimage player,x,100

if keydown(205)
elseif keydown(203)

if keyhit(1) then end

There are as current two versions of Blitzbasic, Blitz3D and BlitzPlus.

You can find more information at

Developed by Amiga games programming legend Mark Sibly, Blitz is an extremely powerful games programming language that allows you to create any type of game you wish, in a fraction of the time it does with other languages.

Blitz has everything you need in order to create a state of the art 3D game - BSPs, terrains, bones - you name it, it's got it.

Want to create something to compete with the latest games out there? No problem. Just ask Blitz user Joshua Klint, who is using Blitz to create the FPS game Singularity that looks just as good as anything else currently available.

Blitz is renowned for both its speed and reliability. Any computer with a 3D graphics card and DirectX 7+ installed, is capable of running Blitz programs.

You do not even need a high-spec computer to run Blitz programs. Games such as Retro64's Best Friends are designed to ensure that they will run at a smooth rate on almost any machine with a 3D card.

With Blitz, you can create anything. Games, demos, apps - it's your choice.

Of course, Blitz has been designed specifically with games in mind, but that hasn't the stopped the likes of Sabata Rh. creating successful apps such as TREEmagik.

Blitz is so easy to use, you will be able to create programs in half the time you would with other languages. Half the development, twice the productivity.

Arcade Bowling, a game programmed by Dave Kirk and published by Idigicon, was developed from start to finish in less than one month. You could do the same.

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