Swedish (Svenska) for "Merry Christmas". Yes, it looks suspiciously like "Good Yule". It's pronounced "Good Yule" (but the "oo" in "good" is a darker, "oh" sort of sound). And it means, unsuprisingly, "Good Yule." It's linguistically un-noteworthy, except that in this fixed expression god is used instead of the more colloquial bra to mean "good". Swedish god or gott, so far as I have been taught, is used to talk about "good food" (gott mat) but not "a good day" or "good Swedish" (en bra dag, bra svenska).

As a small side note, the Swedish language presents a false cognate nightmare to an English speaker learning the language. The problem is compounded if you know any German. God looks like "God", but means "good"; Gott (its other form) looks like German Gott, which means "God", but means "good". Caveat manniskor.

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