Calm down, you phat blunt dope smoking weed whacking ganja bud joint-rolling doobie-sucking reefer-wrestling spliff-toking bong water doofus. This has nothing at all to do with you. I don't think. Oh, wait . . . yes it does!

Once you've done everything you can think of with that hunk of meat mom cooked up last Sunday night, there is always one more option. You can cut it into little chunks and throw it into a big pot for stew or chili or soup or whatever word you want to apply to leftover meat with a can of tomato sauce and some potatoes. So, to "go to pot" becomes the perfect metaphor for anything or anyone which or who has seen better days.

The phrase can be traced back to the 16th Century, and was usually in the form of "go to the pot" back in those days. That was before microwaves, for you who are historically challenged.

But just think of all the phrases we've gotten from this mishmash of old meat and vegetables? When someone is boiling with rage, like users with nuked writeups here, the editors will often talk behind your back with private messages and say, "Ol' so-and-so is really in a stew over that one, eh?" And then they laugh. Not at you. Not really. If you think they're laughing at you, you're probably stewing in your own juices. It just a hodgepodge of a website, anyway.

From the Scottish "hotch potch," something like an Hungarian goulash.

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