Life goes on.

I've been promoted at work, though my responsibilities have not so much changed as they have been gradually placed within arm's reach until I have picked them up, rotated them, and described the nature of how they would be put in place. Now that they're in place, I continue occasionally adjusting how they're maintained, but mostly they run themselves. This sounds like automation, but it's not. It's process and management.

Management? Sort of. Maybe administration would be a better term for it. I provide the backbone for purchasing, logistics, process development, budgeting, budget forecasting, and better understanding of how the data center part of the business is run, should be run, and where the gaps are. In the middle of this is change management. My job is to make sure all these smooth pieces fit where they should. My meta-job is to make sure this takes as little churn as possible - to find the way to compact these responsibilities in such a way that I can do other, more interesting and productive things with my time.

I've gotten surprisingly good at organization. Part of it is writing everything down, I suppose. My last manager would be astounded. Maybe he would laugh. Maybe this was his plan all along.

After a nasty shock, I've resumed dating. I'm seeing one fellow regularly, another fellow somewhat less regularly - generally I see them about once a week. There's a few rotating fellows I'm also dating. All are aware of each other. None of them are terribly emotionally close to me in a way that I've calmly cultivated and that they've agreed to: my healing process, emotionally, is going to be slow. My trust has been fucked with something awful this last year. The fact that I am healing is a positive sign, though - I can see, perhaps, the end of the tunnel where I might be willing to open up to someone again without fear of somebody sticking the knife in, emotionally speaking, and/or trying to make me into something I'm not.

On the brighter side, the healing process from the pneumonia has come to a point where I can exercise in the mornings without feeling like I'm dying, so I've begun doing that again as well. Now that the first of the rains have come to Portland, we're due for many days of grey weather and a great need for both full spectrum bulbs and Vitamin D. Along with this, I'm adding back in my previous regimen both to keep myself anchored and to fight off depression.

Having stabilized myself and come out of my tailspin, I'm now in a place of balance - neither rapturously happy, nor hideously depressed. I suppose, I am in some ways, simply content.

(Hey guys, thank you for all the msges, but I'm not looking to make a definitive category... just wanted to leave the following as a note to dannyegirl.)

By request, here are a few of dannye's lighter, funnier writeups. Many of these I'd never read until today, so this was a fun little project (slightly sad of course, but I did still laugh, so thank you). I'll add more as I find them.

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