The Polkaroo is featured in every Episode of The Polka Dot Door, which is an educational television show aired in Canada.

He is played by the male host of the show and comes out during times when the male host is not in any scenes, yet the host always says "I missed him again." after the hostess mentions the Polkaroo had visited.

The Polkaroo is a tall, green thing with orange polka dots and physical features similar to Grimace, only his spare tire is much lower on his body. The Polkaroo also wears green and orange striped tights and has large feet.

The Polkaroo does not speak, but hollers "POLKAROO!! POLKAROO!!!"
Polkaroo is (or perhaps, was) something of a local celebrity throughout Ontario, making guest appearances at children's events like KidSummer.

This can only imply that they're still making episodes of the Polka Dot Door, which can only be bad news.

The minor tragedy of Polkaroo is he doesn't use his Pokemon style voice (where he can only say his own name) to better express his emotion - in the style of White Fang and Black Tooth on the Soupy Sales Show.

I am also fortunate enough to own a plush Polkaroo - he's about the size of a cat, and looks completely authentic. Unfortunately, by virtue of his design his long neck is horrendously weak, meaning he lolls about disturbingly like his spine is broken. Of course, as a kid I wasn't too fussed, given he was one of my largest stuffed toys, and used to hold him by the neck to help bring him to life (as opposed to carrying him around limply like he was dead).

I've heard rumours of a sister show on British TV although I never found out what it was. I doubt they had a Polkaroo, Bungle would probably have eaten him.

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