Girl's Guitar Club is: Karen Kilgariff and Mary Lynn Rajskub. I guess you could call them a stand up act- the first time I saw them was on "Late Friday"- but they're realy just two funny girls who try to play guitar, and write funny little song together. Very high school. They are extremely funny (I need another word for funny don't I?). You may have spotted them in the Jennifer Jason Leigh flic "The Anniversary Party," or on some show I have never seen called "Mr. Show." What the Internet Movie Database won't tell you is that Mary Lynn played a pizza delivery girl in a Weezer video (I can't recall which song). They have a good website where you can download MP3's and find instructions on how to play interesting chords such a "the european fuck you," and "the saddest chord in the world.
To give you an idea of what they're like read the lyrics to a song of theirs called Jason:
What's going on in my life right now
I will incorporate it into my music
What's going on in my head right now?
I will incorporate it into my lyrics
It looks like you're wearing make up!
I won't tell, I won't tell. I am not judgemental like that.
If you want to wear makeup that's fine.
Make up, make up, make up, what's that?
Oh... Jason!
You seem oddly effeminate
My friend says when she's sees something that's too cute
she wants to punch it in the face
I feel that way now
I feel that way now
What's going on in Jason's head?
I will try to incorporate it
He's in a band and it's not quite good
I try to act like I don't hate it.
Oh Jason!
Don't be mad when you hear this song
Oh Jason!
It's not my fault you gave me your CD

Really though, just the lyrics doesn't do the GGC justice. One realy has to watch them perform, or at least download a few MP3's. Go to

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