This write-up is perhaps a deviation from my usually encyclopedia style, but I have a pet peeve that I think I need to share, and I hope most of you agree.

I work in one of the freshman dorms at Tulane University, and the other night I was working around midnight when I heard an acoustic guitar coming from outside in front of Sharp Hall. Apparently one of the rich jackasses who attends this school got his daddy to buy him a guitar. What made it worse was that after playing one John Mayer song, the bastard continued to play the whole album, and all he played was John Mayer. He played nothing else, except for perhaps a Dave Matthews song or two (There's no difference, since John Mayer is nothing but a Dave Matthews rip-off, and Dave Matthews is nothing but music who people with bad taste listen to in order to say they don't have bad and shallow taste).

I am a musician myself, and I love music to death. What pisses me off is that this guy had not one original bone in his whole body. John Mayer? Jesus Christ. What's even more disturbing is that this guy was using that noble muse Music for one reason -- to get chicks.

The thing I find so hard to believe is that girls actually fall for this crap. It's as if this guy, who has absolutely no personality of his own, would fall in love with them and take them away and write a song for them. Well, I've got news for you ladies -- romance is about as far from these guys' minds that it can be, and all they want is your girly parts. In fact, I'd say about 75% or more of college-age men just want to do you. So get real and quit believing in romance from guys who buy a John Mayer tablature book so they can get in your pants.

I mean, chicks just think these guys are sooo cute and talented. They are not. Any jackass can learn how to play someone else's songs if they have enough drive. In this case, the drive involves testosterone. If you want a guitar, learn how to make music, or at least play something that isn't "Look at me I am such a poet" crap like Mr. Mayer.

Of course, an RA finally came downstairs and wrote the guy up for making too much noise. The guy bitched and whined like any rich white boy from the Northeast at Tulane University would do. The RA, a guitarist himself, later informed me that he wouldn't have written the guy up if he wouldn't have been bastardizing 5000 years of human musical tradition by playing John Mayer to dupe stupid girls into having sex with him.

I don't have a problem with guitarists at all, in fact, I have been trying to learn for a while. It's just that I hate when people use something like music for something so stupid and get rewarded for it. And no, it's not jealousy. I just think these guys are assholes.

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