I am warning anyone who reads this: it might be gross. Okay, it is gross, so if you don't wanna read something gross, click elsewhere!

Speaking of morning after sheets, when my roommate was leaving for Thanksgiving, her mom came and picked her up. However, earlier in the day, she decided to... um, have a little "fun" with her guy. Well, needless to say, a mess occurred. Neither of them was aware of this little mess.

So, when the mother came, there were about six of us standing in the room, including my roommie, her man, and her mom. Well, at the last minute, upon her unknowing mother's request, my roommate decided that maybe she should take her sheets home and get them washed.

Well, as she pulled back the comforter, a spot the size of a CD showed up, nice and obvious. Well, the boyfriend cleared out of the room pretty fast, and the rest of us all kind of turned away in shock and laughter.

Now, you would think the mother of a college student could put two and two together; however, she didn't. She just said, "Ellie, what did you do to your bed?" To which my clever roommate replied, "Oh, I was drinking water earlier, and it must have spilled." Hmmm. Yeah, right.

So, as it came time to load up the car, my boyfriend and I were the last ones to leave, carrying some of Ellie's things. And what were we stuck with? These wadded up sheets stuffed into a pillowcase.

Well, luckily, there were three things for two of us to carry, the sheets being one of them. So, we each grabbed a bag, and kicked the pillowcase out into the hallway to the elevator. That way, it appeared we had to no hands left to carry it.

As we got off the elevator, the mother came over and was going to help carry something. Well, my boyfriend couldn't let this mom carry a pillowcase full of her daughter's stained sheets, so he yelled over to my roommate's boyfriend, "Hey, why don't you come and carry this?!" I don't think I have ever seen a guy so embarrassed as he was when he ever-so-carefully carried those nasty sheets to the car. And, to top it all off, I am sure we didn't help matters when we all were about ten seconds away from busting out laughing.

Note: This is also the same girl mentioned in What do guys think of girls who hook up with random guys?

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