A Ghostbuster is someone who works for Ghostbusters International as a jumpsuit clad janitor for the otherworldly. They are skilled in the paranormal and the supernatural, often have many years of college level engineering behind them, and have a tendency to make things go boom. Originally, in 1984 there was only four Ghostbusters. Since then the franchise has had it's ups and downs, but many offices are still functional.

Standard Ghostbuster equipment is a Proton Pack (a really handy unlicenced nuclear accelerator), a Ghost Trap (storage device), a PKE Meter (detection device), a walkie talkie and a tan jumpsuit. Standard franchise equipment includes an Ecto-Containment System, Occult Net reference material, and a 1959 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Hearse retrofit with various ghostbusting equipment. (Thanks Zylo!)

Ghostbuster training is lengthy and intense, and only the most qualified go on to become full fledged Ghostbusters. One of the most important rules one learns in training is that it's important to always keep control of the situation. No matter what happens, despite any damage to property or any threat of harm (direct or indirect), the customer must pay the bill. Secondly, all Ghostbusters are required to have a wide-legged cowboy stance when they fire their particle thrower at a spook. This is done not so much to give additonal control over the highly volital particle beam, but mearly to make the Ghostbuter in question look extremely cool. Thirdly, the stability of the containment unity must never be compromised. Ghostbusters International will not be help responsible for large explosion from a franchise office, or the resulting bills from city, state and Federal agencies. Lastly, it is extremely important that any potential Ghostbuster must know that when someone asks you if you're a God, you say yes.

Following these guidelines and protocol, no injury or unnecessary damage should occur. If they do, it's not the fault of the staff or management of Ghostbusters International. Now go bust some heads, in a spiritual sence of course.

A ghostbuster in ghetto lingo is a crackhead so far gone that he will pick at any white object and attempt to smoke it. After the initial high, the subsequent attempts at bliss are much less satisfying than the first, thus the notion of "chasing a ghost". Unfortunately for many, the temptation is just too strong to try to do so...

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